Classes & Workshops

RAMERC programs are designed to build stronger individuals, families and communities. We offer programs around mental and physical wellness. We work to connect people in order to create supportive connections in our neighborhood. We serve all ages from birth to death and strive to be leaders of healthy lifestyles. 


RAMERC classes and workshops engage the entire family in learning how to effectively communicate with one another.  Words are powerful!

Health & Wellness

We conduct Pilates & Zumba classes. These classes help with Stress Relief as well as Body Tone and learning the skill of ‘grounding.’ Due to COVID19, Pilates Classes are by appointment only. (Call for details). Our Zumba classes will be held in the RAMERC Garden.

Diet & Behavior

This class assists participants in their dietary choices and the overall effects of their decisions. Ask about our Healthy Changes Program.


Through Events, classes and workshops, RAMERC strives to lead by example the importance of community working together. We also provide space complete with a great Community Garden (call for details). 

Ongoing Events

Every second and fourth Saturday, we conduct a program called Project H.O.M.E. (Healthier Outcomes Meaningful Environment) ‘DNA Is Not Destiny’ and ‘Wounded Places’. These workshops create a platform to discuss issues which can cause PTSD. Please call for details.