Jocelyn Miller, Founder

I am the Executive Director and Founder of The Robert A. Miller Educational Resource Center (RAMERC) in Metro Denver.  My Center has been in existence for over 15 years. We assist individuals and families with issues dealing with everything from Prenatal Care, children in schools and families dealing with dysfunction in every way.

The Center is in memory of the Legacy both my parents (Robert & Rebecca Miller) left behind.  My Parents were well known in the community as advocates for the people’s rights to vote along with the importance of voting, down to advocating for people’s rights for a quality education.  My father was a Clinical Psychiatric Social Worker (as well as a Professor of Social Work; teaching at Metropolitan State College part-time and was the head of the clinic at; East Denver Mental Health).  My Mother was an Early Childhood Educator and one of the first advocates for Head Start. This was not just for the children of color, but for all children.  I am an only child (born in 1963). 

I grew up being blessed with my parents putting me in extra-curricular activities from ballet to classical piano. As a young teen, I became an advocate for T1D (Type 1 diabetes) due to a diagnosis at 13 years of age (I was later interviewed at the Barbara Davis Center to speak about my personal bout with Juvenile Diabetes). In 1984 I had the honor of being Miss Black Colorado taking me to Philadelphia for the Miss Black America Pageant! As an adult, I was married for 8 years. During that time, I was blessed with a beautiful son. My Father loved PBS and the platform it gave many. He encouraged me to volunteer there. I took his challenge which gave me the wonderful opportunity volunteer in the station’s Education Department. In 1998 I became the Master Trainer for the Ready To Learn Program at Rocky Mountain PBS. I collaborated with many of the school districts to conduct parenting classes and professional development classes for Early Education Teachers. This gave a voice to the importance of parents and how they communicate with their children and their children’s teachers. These programs focused on the topics of Literacy, Stress and Anger Management.

These opportunities brought me to where I am today. RAMERC started in the Spring of 2005. During the first few years, the Center was became a grantee; receiving funding from the Office of Childhood Education, which helped us to move forward in educating the Community about the importance of everyone having the benefit of learning innovative ways to teach young children.

I have received recognition from many people outside of Colorado; the Center was featured on the HallMark Channel at its start in 2006; ‘In Her Fathers Eyes’, 7 EveryDay Hero 2007, Sunshine Lady Foundation (Warren Buffet) 2010; $10,000.00. I was also featured in O Magazine (Oprah) in 2012 “Beauty of Giving Back” (see photo above). I have also received numerous accolades from organizations in Denver. The production team at channel 7 selected my 7 Every Day Hero feature as one of the top 10 in the 10 years of 7 Everyday Heroes recently and have continued to air my story.